• Every song we play is truly Amazing.

  • TuneIn Radio Status

    You may have noticed that we are not currently available on TuneIn. TuneIn decided to remove all Radionomy stations from their platform due to an ongoing lawsuit between Sony and Radionomy. We will be moving the station to a new host in the near future and will be back on TuneIn. Thank you for your patience.

  • About AmazingLiteMusic.com

    "Your Favorites From Yesterday and Today"

    There is nothing like the power of a great song on the radio.


    Hearing a relaxing classic and instantly taking a trip back to more innocent times...


    Listening to a soft hit from today and knowing that you're making new memories...


    We aim to please with every single song selection.


    Tune in and experience AMAZING LITE MUSIC.

    Is there something we're not playing? Let us know!

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    An Adult Contemporary station that breaks Amazing new music. Who knew?


    Love Is Blind


    I Hate U I love U feat. Olivia O' Brien


    The Sound of Silence

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    People all over the world have been loving AmazingLiteMusic.com since we signed on in April of 2014 and we're still growing!


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