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  • Christmas Music!

    Oh Holy Night, Silver Bells, Do You Hear What I Hear...we have all the soft holiday classics through Christmas Day on AmazingLiteMusic.com! Got a favorite you want us to play? Let us know with the contact form at the bottom of this site!

    Stressed out? Listen to AmazingLiteMusic.com!

    U.S. Election Results

    Are you tired of hearing about politics? Is it stressing you out!? You've come to the right place! Our relaxing Amazing Lite Music will calm your nerves.

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    AmazingLiteMusic.com is perfect for the office! Join thousands of workers just like you who stream us all day at work.

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    Have you seen our new player?? You can view the LAST 10 SONGS PLAYED, check out SONG LYRICS and more!

  • A new way to wake up

    Just the right amount of talk and Amazing Lite Music to start your day.

    Listen to The John and Heidi Show on AmazingLiteMusic.com!

    The John & Heidi Show

    Monday-Friday 6-10AM EST

    John and Heidi Small co-host the morning show on AmazingLiteMusic.com and guess what? They're married to one another! Don't miss The Moment of Duh, This is Your Brain on Drugs, The Scoop of the Day, Tuesdays with Charlie and more!

  • Three Reasons Why You Should Listen

    Bernardo Moronta picks the hits on AmazingLiteMusic.com!


    Our playlist is expertly curated by Bernardo Moronta, a seasoned radio professional with an ear for the aurally titillating. Bernardo has 20 years of broadcasting experience and serves as President of Programming & Content at AmazingLiteMusic.com.



    The playlist is so eclectic at AmazingLiteMusic.com!


    You never know what you'll hear on our stream! This is not your NORMAL lite station. We'll surprise you with some 60s and 70s, break new music and even throw in stuff like 2Pac and Nirvana! If it meets our standards, we 'll play it - doesn't matter what genre or decade!

    It's modern-day "beautiful music" at AmazingLiteMusic.com!


    So many great pop songs from different eras! How do we tie them all together? We strive for every selection to be LITE AND RIGHT.

  • Amazing Accomplishments

    AmazingLiteMusic.com is loved by listeners and discerning critics alike! Check out what we've accomplished since launching the station on 4/14/14.

    • Featured by TuneIn in Adult Contemporary - 5/2/14
    • Windows Media Radio Guide U.S. Editor's Pick - 5/19/14-5/26/14
    • Featured by TuneIn in Easy Listening - 11/25/14-12/1/14
    • Featured by TuneIn in Easy Listening - 3/13/15-3/21/15
    • Featured by Streamfinder.com - March 2015
    • Windows Media Radio Guide U.S. Editor's Pick - 6/29/15-7/6/15
    • Featured twice by iStreamRadio
    • Reached 100,000+ Listening Hour milestone in Early 2016

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